The beauty industry’s first and only EPA and State approved hospital-grade disinfectant pods. MOD Clean is effective against HIV-1, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Clostridium Difficile (C.Diff), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE), Herpes, Influenza (including H1N1).

Stop pouring your money down the drain with liquid disinfectant. MOD Clean is the easiest, most affordable, and safest way to MODernize your disinfectant. These pre-measured pods are made exclusively for the beauty industry allowing you to take the guesswork out of mixing your disinfectant properly. MOD Clean’s unique design is small, lightweight, and precise, taking up much less storage space than cumbersome liquid disinfectant bottles. MOD Clean is packaged in resealable bags for your convenience and are recyclable as well, making them environmentally friendly.

Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods® is the innovative, new product created by a stylist for stylists and barbers that will replace your old fashioned disinfecting liquid used to clean your salon utensils.

They’re efficient. Because Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods® are premeasured, you get the perfect amount of disinfectant every time. The old disinfectant is 64 oz. You measure 2 oz. and mix with 32 oz. of water which means that 64 oz. bottle should yield 32 pours. (When was the last time you got 32 pours from a 64 oz. bottle?) Salons and Barbershops are busy places and measuring takes time, so inevitably stylists “eyeball” it.

Every Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods® package has 32 individual pre-measured pods for your disinfecting jar. You’ll get 32 “mixes” every time.

They’re space-saving. With the old 64 oz. bottle of disinfectant, no matter how much is left in the bottle, it still takes up the same amount of space. Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods® come in a convenient zip top bag which takes up less space every time you use a pod. It’s compact so it can be stored in a drawer, bag, purse, or on a small shelf. It’s even okay for a carry on for light traveling. Try to do that with a big bottle of disinfectant!

They’re easy to use. Simply drop one pod into your 32 oz. jar of water, wait 10-15 seconds, and when you see bubbles, mix it with the lid. It’s as easy as that. If you need to mix a larger quantity, 2 pods mix perfectly with a half-gallon of water and 4 pods for a gallon.

They’re mess-free. Because they’re pre-measured, there’s no spillage and no clean up. The pods are 100% water soluble, so they’ll dissolve completely and won’t leave a gummy residue on your utensils or your jar.

They’re effective. Because they’re pre-measured, you’ll get the right germ-fighting effectiveness every time. No more mixtures that are too weak because not enough disinfectant was used or too strong because too much was added which ultimately costs you more money. You get the precise hospital-grade disinfectant needed to thoroughly disinfect your utensils with each jar.

They’re light-weight. The old 64 oz. bottle weighs 4 lbs., whereas a bag of Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods® weighs only 5 oz. Why lug around heavy bottles when you can have a product that weighs 12x less?

They’re eco-friendly. Mod Clean Disinfecting Pods® come in a small resealable bag.

For the same price you’re paying for the old-fashioned disinfectant, you can take advantage of the modern convenience and efficiency of this inventive product. Make the switch today and always know what you’re paying for.



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