Grande Naturals


The Grande Cosmetics Vision
It’s never too late to experience the full extent of your natural beauty. Grande Cosmetics uses clinically proven formulas and natural ingredients to create peptide-infused, care-free application cosmetics with instantly beautiful results and long term benefits for a glamorous look everyday of your life. With a little help from us, we know you can restore, revive and achieve your true and naturally bold beauty.

After 25 years in the anti-aging, skin care and beauty industry interviewing doctors and scientists about new innovative products, I truly believed I had seen it all. As I got older, became a wife and mother, my interest in anti-aging products grew more personal, as I looked for products that would restore or slow down my own aging process.

In 2009, I discovered the secret to naturally beautiful eyelashes, a lash enhancing conditioner I called GrandeLASH-MD. I finally found a powerful product that offered me such outstanding results it inspired me to create Grande Naturals, my own results-driven line of innovative cosmetics, serums, and conditioners. Armed with the secret to restoring and maintaining my natural lashes, hair, lips and brows, I wanted to share it with as many women as possible!

Every Grande cosmetic is multi-purposeful, providing an instant result and long term benefits after extended use. Many of my products function as treatments that not only help restore natural features but enhance them, so you can experience your full, bold beauty. All products in the Grande Collection contain natural and clinically tested ingredients proven safe and effective in enhancing your natural lashes, lips, hair and brows. The Grande collection has won 14 awards in the beauty industry and continues to establish itself as an industry and professional favorite for the outstanding results of its products. I am so honored by the support my brand has received over the past few years and I promise to continue sharing my secrets with you! Stay bold, beautiful and Grande!

-Alicia Grande, CEO



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